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Transmission (gearbox)

The automotive gearbox is also known as the transmission since it oversees “transferring” the power generated by the engine to the wheels.
The gearbox is a critical component of your vehicle. Any motor transmission is a sophisticated component that links a variety of sophisticated mechanical components, electronics, computer units, and sophisticated hydraulic oil systems.

You should be aware that transportation systems differ widely from vehicle to vehicle, which is why transmission repair cannot be handled simply by any car facility in the UAE.
In Dubai, we are a premier facility with trained and experienced automobile professionals. Certified and experienced technicians are experts in everything from gearbox repair to replacement.

Here’s how our professional approach works:

  • We test your vehicle’s driving to evaluate the transmission’s operation and reaction time.
  • We perform a complete evaluation of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and send data through our modern computer diagnostic tools after gathering preliminary diagnostic information.
  • We next deconstruct your transportation system piece by piece to determine which portions of your transportation system are causing the problem.
  • The final stage is to precisely repair or replace the transmission’s faulty elements without requiring you to replace the complete transport system (unless it is necessary to do so).

You will be given a free car sterilization as well as a free delivery service to your location. We promise the best transmission repair service and ensure that your car is returned to its original driving condition by providing a warranty on all original parts. Our staff attempts to deliver the finest quality transmission repair and maintenance services.

Our car transfer services in all emirates include:

  • Check the transmission/gearbox
  • Transmission repair and rebuilding
  • Transmission replacement
  • Refill and rinse transmission oil Professional transmission.

We urge that you do routine maintenance inspections and maintenance on your car to avoid any significant problems that you may not be aware of. This will guarantee that your car runs smoothly and consumes less gasoline in the long term.

Our qualified professionals are here to ensure that your car is fully repaired. We have cutting-edge computer scanning technologies and facilities suited to handle anything, whether it’s a secondary service or a total engine rebuild.